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Why Commercial Sound?

In today's economic reality, budgets are tightening and people are more desperate than ever. Security systems protect your home or business when you are there and when you're not.

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Your home:

A home that has a security system in it and advertises it has a security system is much less likely to be broke into. When triggered, an alarm can alert you, your neighbors, and even the authorities that there's trouble. A monitored system will alert a monitoring company, who will then call the authorities to be dispatched to your residence. With the press of a panic button, you can also alert the monitoring company of a medical or fire emergency, even before monitored smoke detectors pick up a trace of smoke.

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Commercial Sound has been protecting homes like yours from burglary and hold ups for many years. We are proud to install Caddx NetworX and UTC Interlogix security systems in most homes we service. We can have someone come out and take a look at your home and design a system that meets your needs as well as your budget, all without a manadatory montoring contract, saving you money. Unlike our competitors, we make monitoring an option, not a requirement. And if you  want monitoring, it's yours for only $15 a month. What can you do with that much savings a year?

Now, with our brand new partnership with, you can check on your home possibly anywhere in the world!  On your smart phone, on your laptop, on your tablet -- Click here for more information.

We also repair alarm systems as well.  From some of the older systems still found in homes, like Moose, to the newest touch screen, internet-enabled security systems out there, our skilled technicians can fix them for you at competitive rates.

Your business:

Businesses need security systems. Not only for panic and hold-up situations, and to protect the business when there is no one around. but in many places they are required by law. Connected with a monitored fire alarm and camera system with digital video recorder (DVR), you can rest assured that your business is safe from harm. Commercial Sound can work with you whether your business is new or existing. We can do it all, from the first wire pulled to the last motion detector and door contact checked. And you can get the same rate for monitoring that our residential customers can. Only $15 a month. That includes fire protection if you have monitored smoke or heat detectors at no additional cost. What other company would give you so much protection for just $15 a month?

Doesn't saving money and having peace of mind sound great? Call us or email us today today!

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