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Why Commercial Sound?

Doors are something that most people don't think you can really improve on. Put a lock on it, maybe a deadbolt, and that's it.

What if you could go beyond the old lock and key?

Commercial Sound can help you control who comes in and out. And can even show you who's doing it.

Card Access

We can install a door access system on any door in your building and wire it to a panel which will send to your network a record of any and all who come in the door. No easy way in for people unauthorized to enter your building. And depending on the type of security system you have, we can even install systems that integrate with that.  Security systems can turn off with the flick of a credit card sized card or key tag when someone enters the building. Ease of access  and protection that is still active--what else could you  ask for  as a business owner?

You give any person who needs access a key tag and they swipe it to get in. Coupled with a camera system and DVR, you know who's coming in and coming out. You can access the list of who's coming in your building by pulling up the information on your computer.

Your building is safe--no one in that shouldn't be there.  And you know exactly who is coming in, and at what time?  What a relief for business owners.  Contact us now to protect your business from unauthorized access.

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