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Why Commercial Sound?

The fastest growing segment of home and business security, camera systems are everywhere, whether you see them or not. Many businesses have them not only to prevent theft, but also for employee productivity. Families use them in addition to a security system to provide total protection against burglary for their homes. Digital Video Recorders, or DVR's, record what goes on when someone is not watching the cameras. Depending on how many cameras are in each system, many DVR's have storage capacity that will allow for up to a month's worth of footage to be stored. Video footage on a DVR can even be accessed from your computer or smart phone, so you can look at your business or your second home from the comfort of your recliner. We install IDView brand DVR's for most of our customers. We have found our customers like their ease of use and reliability more often than other brands.

For your home, Commercial Sound can install a camera system that watches over your residence when you're there and when you're not. And in the unfortunate event that something does happen to your home, our easy-to-use DVR's have the information from the event, so you can get it to the proper authorities. You can either burn the information to a CD or DVD, or put it on a USB thumb drive. What's more likely to help you catch the criminal?  Having video footage of the act, or not?

For business owners, having cameras and a DVR adds a little peace of mind.  Knowing that if anything does happen while you're away, having the footage makes it easier to rest at night.  We've installed cameras to protect cash registers, entryways into a business, and in lobbies.  We've even provided cameras for places where employees aren't supposed to be.  You can make your employees more efficient, knowing that they're being watched.

A burglar is more likely to be caught, identified and convicted of the crime if there is video evidence of the event. Don't be reactive. Be pro-active and call us today.  Don't forget that Commercial Sound is an Authorized Partner for Axis Cameras and we have Milestone certification.  We know network cameras.

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